Care Meets Convenience. BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness’ Telepsychiatry Can Help Restore Balance to Your Schedule.

BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness’ care team is proud to offer secure telepsychiatry services as a flexible treatment option for our mental health patients. Telepsychiatry consists of a virtual appointment with your provider by either video or phone. Although our care team loves to see you in the office, we sometimes understand that the best care we can offer to you may come from allowing you to see us from the comfort of your own space in ways that are convenient to your own schedule. Remote visits allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic, and are an option for most mental health conditions and issues. The virtual option provides a convenient solution for patients to stay connected with their psychiatric care, especially amid the current Coronavirus pandemic. Telepsychiatry appointments are available for most appointment types, especially for follow up and minor urgent care issues. In our experience, telehealth therapeutic outcomes do not vary from in-person visits. We hope you’ll consider telehealth as another option in your treatment toolkit.

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What is Telepsychiatry ?

Telepsychiatry is simply psychiatric care, provided via a virtual visit with your care provider rather than an in-person visit to our office. You will be given a scheduled appointment time that you approve, instructions for accessing your provider. Then, you’ll connect by video or phone through your own electronic or mobile device. We utilize a telehealth platform called Chorono-Care, available by computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This flexible telehealth appointment option allows you to seek treatment and communicate with your care provider from the comfort of your own home or office space. A virtual visit can eliminate exposure risk to viral infection, provide flexibility for your busy life, save time, eliminate childcare costs and concerns, and also allows us to reach patients beyond the immediate Dallas area.

Why Should I Try a Virtual Visit?

An appointment through our telehealth platform is a convenient solution for patients to access care when limited by time, transportation, scheduling issues, childcare, work obligations, or even pandemics. It has many benefits, and some of those are:
  • Psychiatric provider access
  • No lapse in your medications
  • Therapy access
  • Less exposure to germs/viruses
  • Do not have to leave home
  • Time Savings
  • Eliminates Transportation Issues/Traffic
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Covered by insurance
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How Does it Work?

  1. Schedule Your Appointment. Click here to request your video visit online, or call our front desk to schedule: (972) 552-5559
  2. Confirm Your Information. Watch for a text or email. Then log onto Chiron Health to confirm your appointment and get to know their platform.
  3. See Your Provider. Log onto your appointment 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, and come with questions for your provider. 
Virtual visits are billable to all insurances, just as if patients were seen in-office. Co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles apply at the same rates as an in-office visit. Self-pay psychiatry rates apply for those without insurance. Nurturing your mental health is important, and we are here to provide solutions to accessing care.

What Can Be Treated Virtually?

  • New patient and follow-up psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychotherapy sessions
  • Follow up visits
  • Medication questions
  • Lab and test results,
  • General care questions
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Tips for a Successful
Telepsychiatry Appointment

Telepsychiatry is new for many. Below are some tips to make the most of your video visit experience:

  • Log on 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will allow for any technical issues to be sorted out before your provider arrives.
  • Check that you have a stable wi-fi connection.
    Use headphones. This will eliminate most background noise and ensure a private conversation with your provider.
  • Get comfortable. Like an in person visit, sometimes our care providers will run a few minutes behind.

Telepsychiatry Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to request a video visit online, or call our office directly to schedule: (972) 552-5559.

Telepsychiatry visits are subject to the same rates as an in office visit by your health insurance. You'll provide a credit card number prior to your appointment and will be charged the same copay that your in-person plan requires.

You can log onto a computer, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices). For mobile devices, search for "Chiron Health" in the app store or click here to log in on your computer.

Yes! Our video technology uses bank-grade encryption. For your own privacy, you may want to find a private place in your home or office.

Yes. Speak to your care provider to determine a treatment plan that best works for you.

Absolutely. Telepsychiatry is available as an option to our patients. We always welcome you in person.

You can chat with their support team directly in the app (web & mobile) or contact them at: (800) 768-8131  

If you have questions about refills or medical please email [email protected]

Click here to request your video visit online, or call our front desk to schedule: (972) 552-5559

If you have questions about your appointments please call 972-552-5559 option 1

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Our Commitment To You

At BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness we are committed to providing the highest quality treatments utilizing evidence-based principles in a family-oriented, safe environment.

We are proud to be recognized as a premier provider of Psychiatry, Telepsychiatry, Counseling, Depression Treatments and Teen Treatment. We are here to support you as part of your healing journey.