An Integrative Approach to PHP & IOP Behavioral Health for Teens

Beyond our Psychiatry and Wellness Center, we also proudly serve teens onsite at BasePoint Academy. A teen outpatient program specifically designed to address the unique challenges that teens face today in mental health and substance use. BasePoint Academy’s dynamic program was created with today’s adolescent experience in mind.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

– Wayne Dyer


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The BasePoint Difference

Our providers appreciate and understand teens are now navigating through adolescence in the world of selfies, technology, and social media. We incorporate these realities into all of our teen counseling strategies, while coming alongside them in languages they understand and respond to.

BasePoint Academy’s unique model integrates multiple modalities throughout its holistic curriculum. We believe in treating the whole child. Our program includes a structured curriculum where teen-students have access to both providers and peer-to-peer support opportunities.

The permanently happy face can hide a whole lot of inner turmoil.

Marissa joyfully leads the cheer squad out onto the field or court for each game. The rules are simple: always simile and never look worried. The team and the crowd depend on Marissa’s cheerfulness to keep everyone’s morale sky-high. But what about all the other minutes of each day? Why does everyone expect her to keep smiling no matter what? Why isn’t she allowed to feel sad, hurt or worried? She’s tired of living a double life and wonders if it’s worth living at all.

Excelling at all times takes a toll on high achievers.

Johnathan’s parents are constantly reminding him of how important his grades are. They eagerly tell everyone about his awards and honors. And they just as enthusiastically remind him of his failures and shortcomings, no matter how insignificant. Well-meaning teachers harp on his “potential” and his “gifts,” but all of that feels like a burden to Johnathan Peters think he’s a a know-it-all, so he can’t win. He’s exhausted mentally and physically. He lives in fear of a not-quite-perfect grade. If he fails, does the world even need him?

When Kris was born, her parents gleefully welcomed their baby boy.

But over time, Kris recognized that she did not identify as a male. Her very core being was female. Although she hoped somehow her family and friends would accept her identity, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Her parents are furious and threatening to kick her out. It seems like both her church and school friends don’t understand and are disgusted with her. So where does she go now? If no one wants her as she is, she wonders why she is here at all. She feels like her life is a mistake.

Carrying the team can feel like an unbearable weight sometimes.

On the outside, it looks like Scott doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s athletic and popular, and it seems like the whole town shows up every Friday night to see him perform. But that may be just the problem. When the outside world attaches labels like “superstar” and “big man on campus” it can feel overwhelming. Scott lives with constant stress, worry and anxiety over performing well enough for that next win! Coaches, parents, teammates, and the whole community seems to rely on him. Sometimes the pressure is just too much!

Keeping your nose in a book doesn’t always mean that you want to be left alone.

Ava is the invisible girl at school. And everywhere else. She loves to be with her books and her studies and has a quiet personality. She’s been called a “nerd” more times than she can remember, so she has just absorbed it as who she is. Ava feels forgotten, and as if she doesn’t matter. Her parents have even said, “Oh! I forgot you were here!” But she craves friendship and belonging as much as anyone else does. And she wonders if maybe she just really doesn’t need to be here anymore. No one would miss her anyway, right?

BasePoint Teen Program


Our Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs offer your teen the opportunity to receive effective treatment in a safe space to learn and practice new coping skills during the day and return home in the evening.


In addition to therapy services, our psychiatrist, along with the medical staff, will complete a thorough examination to address the physical needs along with the mental health medication needs in order to assist your teen in achieving their best self.


At BasePoint, we value the importance of education. Our school program not only focuses on treatment but appreciates the role of education as part of the healing process.  Our education counselor, along with our entire team, partner with local school districts to formulate a successful education plan while they are in our care.

Your Teen Treatment Team

  • Becca Smith, LPC

    VP Of Clinical Operations

  • Dr. Kimberly Dobbins

    Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services

  • Stefanya Bukasa, LPC-A

    Basepoint Therapist

  • Kamesha Strong MSW

    Case Manager

  • Amy Patterson, RN

    Mental Health Nurse

  • Karlos Lyons, LPC-A

    Basepoint Therapist

  • Kei-Trea Wren

    Program Specialist

  • Darius Wren

    Transportation Behavioral Health Technician

  • Bradley Blackledge

    Transportation Behavioral Health Technician

  • Bria Harris, LPC-A

    Basepoint Therapist

  • Haley Hicks, LMSW

    Director Of Admissions

Becca Smith, LPC

VP Of Clinical Operations

Becca is our Clinical Director for both BasePoint Academy and BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness.  Becca is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked within the behavioral health field for several years in various leadership roles. Becca’s clinical experience includes inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment, crisis intervention and suicide prevention; as well as providing support and resources to the mental health community.

Becca specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques and trauma-informed care and is a creative force behind an innovative positive reinforcement treatment model, Balanced Day.

Becca is passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health by working closely with community partners and empowering individuals to find healing and stability.

Becca is not available for individual appointments. If you would like to speak with Becca Smith you can call the number below!

Dr. Kimberly Dobbins

Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services

Dr. Dobbins brings over a decade of experience and is double board certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as Adult Psychiatry. In addition to being a professor at UT Southwestern in Dallas, her experience comes from multiple care settings to include high acuity Psychiatric ER, VA outpatient mental health clinic and a community Child Psychiatry clinic.  Dr. Dobbins will lead the BasePoint Academy’s client treatment as well as seeing patients individually in BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness.

Dr. Dobbins received her undergraduate degrees from Xavier University of New Orleans and the University of Detroit Mercy. She earned her medical degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine. She completed her Adult Psychiatry residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX and her Child Psychiatry training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

In her free time, Dr. Dobbins enjoys spending time with her family, reading novels, traveling and tries to limit her Amazon shopping.

Stefanya Bukasa, LPC-A

Basepoint Therapist

Stefanya is our Primary Therapist at BasePoint Academy.  Stefanya received her Bachelor’s from the University of Texas at San Antonio in Psychology and a Minor in Wellness (Go Runners!) and her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of North Texas at Dallas.  Stefanya came to us after working closely with women and their children who had been profoundly affected by substance use and mental health.  Stefanya’s passion has always been to help others and feels blessed that every day she gets to do what she loves.

Stefanya brings knowledge in many areas and has practiced in the use of various therapy modalities including: REBT, CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness.  Stefanya believes in a holistic approach to addressing challenges in one’s life and working to change internal and external stimuli in an effort to produce more productive and positive outcomes.

Stefanya’s favorite hobbies are working out, eating, and spending time with loved ones.

Kamesha Strong MSW

Case Manager

Meet Kamesha Strong our Education Counselor. Kamesha graduated from Jackson State University in 2014 with her Bachelor’s in Social Work and in 2017 from The University of Texas-Arlington with her Master’s in Social Work. Kamesha enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling as much as she can. Kamesha comes to BasePoint Academy with a background in working with at-risk youth in after school programming and as a site coordinator providing academic, behavior, and attendance support in Dallas ISD. Kamesha is here to support our teens in meeting their educational goals while they are seeking treatment and serving as a liaison between the families and the school districts to assist in their transition back to their home school base.

Amy Patterson, RN

Mental Health Nurse

Karlos Lyons, LPC-A

Basepoint Therapist

Kei-Trea Wren

Program Specialist

Darius Wren

Transportation Behavioral Health Technician

Bradley Blackledge

Transportation Behavioral Health Technician

Bria Harris, LPC-A

Basepoint Therapist

Haley Hicks, LMSW

Director Of Admissions