Teen Treatment Program

An Integrative Approach to PHP & IOP Behavioral Health for Teens

Beyond our Psychiatry and Wellness Center, we also proudly serve teens onsite at BasePoint Academy. A teen outpatient program specifically designed to address the unique challenges that teens face today in mental health and substance use.

Behavioral Treatment For Teenagers

It’s hard to be a teenager! Adolescence introduces many challenges, and this season of exciting change, growth, and freedom brings with it accompanying stressors and choices. Add to this the increased screen exposure and social media culture, and today’s generation of adolescents are facing a unique set of demands. It can be painful as a parent to see your child struggle through this important transitional phase of development. Good kids struggle. Good families struggle. BasePoint Academy can help. BasePoint Academy helps teens facing any of adolescent’s stressors. From behavioral issues to substance abuse, our programs offer support to teens facing any mental health issue. BasePoint’s skilled professionals provide care for teens in a structured, school-like outpatient setting. Teens benefit from this model as they can learn behavioral and coping skills in a trusting environment during the day, and then return home to their families and support systems each evening.
Teen Addiction Treatment

The BasePoint Difference

BasePoint Academy’s dynamic program was created with today’s adolescent experience in mind. Our providers appreciate and understand teens are now navigating through adolescence in the world of selfies, technology, and social media. We incorporate these realities into all of our teen counseling strategies, while coming alongside them in languages they understand and respond to.

BasePoint Academy’s unique model integrates multiple modalities throughout its holistic curriculum. We believe in treating the whole child. Our program includes a structured curriculum where teen-students have access to both providers and peer-to-peer support opportunities.

We work to establish trust first within our own community and extend that with inclusion to the teen’s support system through family meetings and multifamily support opportunities.  Our Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Strayhan, is not only board certified with a sub-specialty in forensics, but has been working with teens for over 25 years. He believes in the impact of medical provider accessibility and response to a teen’s needs throughout the process and offices onsite at a full time capacity. Our goal at BasePoint Academy is for teens to feel respect and compassion as we steward them toward healthy decision making and boundary setting.

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BasePoint Teen Program


Our Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs offer your teen the opportunity to receive effective treatment in a safe space to learn and practice new coping skills during the day and return home in the evening.

Medication Management

In addition to therapy services, our psychiatrist, along with the medical staff, will complete a thorough examination to address the physical needs along with the mental health medication needs in order to assist your teen in achieving their best self.


At BasePoint,  we value the importance of education. Our school program not only focuses on treatment but appreciates the role of education as part of the healing process.  Our education counselor, along with our entire team, partner with local school districts to formulate a successful education plan while they are in our care.

Morning Mindfulness

Our day begins with embracing stillness through mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is a critical piece of the recovery process. Teens learn the pillars of mindfulness, along with relaxation techniques to better connect with their minds and bodies. Mindfulness and relaxation training are life skills that can empower our adolescents while reflecting or preparing to enter tense situations.

What our Teens .

What our Teens .

Community This group is comprised of all community members –students and clinical staff — where the ongoing development and maintenance of our community is the foundation of teaching appropriate boundaries.

Experiential Group By involving actions, movements, and activities; we provide multiple avenues for healing utilizing expressive art therapy, role-playing, gardening and guided imagery to facilitate the resolution of painful emotions.

Peer Support Provides a safe opportunity for group members to hold each other accountable and provide support around use of tools and skills discussed while learning fundamental and interpersonal skills.

Teen Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful thinking patterns, identifying the effects of addiction and negative behaviors, and teaching structured problem solving techniques; all while strengthening coping skills during interactive and innovative group sessions.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

With DBT, we provide a greater focus on the emotional and social experiences for our teens. The goal is to teach our teens how to regulate extreme or unstable emotions with an emphasis on distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.

Family Systems

The purpose of this group is to explore relationships and their influences. Various tools will be introduced to guide participants toward a life of healthy boundary setting and fulfilling relationships. This can be helpful for both teens and parental figures to understand and implement effective coping skills.

BasePoint Academy Admission Process

We would love to speak with you to get your teen on the path toward optimal wellness. Please call our admissions coordinator to schedule a complimentary assessment. Our professional care team will review your situation and make a recommendation for the next steps. This process is confidential and complimentary.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary assessment (972) 325-2633

Your Teen Treatment Team

  • Becca Smith

    Director of Clinical Service

  • Chanel Atkinson Therapist

    Chanel Atkinson

  • Kandice King Therapist

    Kandice King

  • Stephanie Halvorsen Education Counselor

    Stephanie Halvorsen

Becca Smith

Director of Clinical Service

Becca is our Clinical Director for both BasePoint Academy and BasePoint Psychiatry and Wellness.  Becca is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked within the behavioral health field for several years in various leadership roles. Becca’s clinical experience includes inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment, crisis intervention and suicide prevention; as well as providing support and resources to the mental health community.

Becca specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques and trauma-informed care and is a creative force behind an innovative positive reinforcement treatment model, Balanced Day.

Becca is passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health by working closely with community partners and empowering individuals to find healing and stability.

Becca is not available for individual appointments. If you would like to speak with Becca Smith you can call the number below!

Chanel Atkinson Therapist

Chanel Atkinson

I am a firm believer of meeting people where they are in life. My therapeutic process focuses on working collaboratively to address issues and find solutions that work best for the individual. My goal is to establish a safe relationship, instill hope,  and empower individuals by emphasizing the power of doing what is in their control.

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and later earned my Master’s in counseling from Southern Methodist University.  In my previous work at a private practice, I worked with adults, adolescents, families, groups, and couples. I also have worked with those in the LGBTQ+ community and those struggling with chemical dependencies. Aside from clinical experience, I have also spent the last few years as an ABA therapist providing services to children and adults who fall on the spectrum.

In my free time I enjoy a casual binge of Netflix, playing with my dogs and trying out new restaurants because I like an excuse to eat!​


Affirmative Therapy for LGB and Trans Individuals

Anxiety & Depression

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Self- Esteem

Family and Relationship Issues

Stress Management



A Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

Texas Counselor Association

American Mental Health Counselors Association

Kandice King Therapist

Kandice King

Personal Statement: 

Curiosity is what drives my passion to be a counselor. To see how people work together to solve a problem through sheer determination and strength in numbers. Common questions I’ve been known to ask are: What’s your passion? What’s your plan of action? What drives you to decide? Life is about the choices we make and those we influence with our choices. Choices are a powerful thing because they lead you down a variety of life paths, some good and some bad. So, let’s talk about these choices before you and their potential impact.

After working in intensive inpatient, intensive outpatient and community outpatient settings, I have discovered that through a network of supportive people, self-motivation, and a healthy dose of determination people can make long-lasting effective change for themselves. I combine effective, evidenced based practice and creative art expression in the treatment of children, adolescents and their families.

My goal is to help the family come together to stop pointing fingers and start working through the discomfort to find a solution that works for all those involved. My purpose is to provide guidance and hope for those struggling in order to promote healthy coping and living outside of treatment. I’m all about being whole-hearted, wholly invested, and wholly focused on addressing problems and concerns through teamwork, collaboration and developing effective problem-solving skills.


– LGBTQI advocate
-Child and Adolescent
-School issues
-Stress Management
-Promoting Counselor and Client Communication and Connection
-Advocate for Texas Counselors


-Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Intern
– A Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)
– The Incredible Years (IY) Parenting Program for aggressive behaviors in school age children
– Texas Association for Counselors (TAC)
– Satori Alternatives to Managing Anger (SAMA)
-American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED trained

Stephanie Halvorsen Education Counselor

Stephanie Halvorsen

Stephanie Halvorsen is the Educational Counselor at Basepoint Academy.   She has over fifteen years’ experience as an educator.  She has spent most of those years as an elementary and high school counselor.    Stephanie has has an extensive background in Special Education and was a speech language pathologist intern for ages (K-12).  She is also the proud mother of four children, ages 6-11.  She spent ten years at home raising her young children.

Stephanie’s belief is setting high standards for each individual based on the student’s strengths and talents.   She believes first and foremost to form an intentional, engaging relationship with each person.  Stephanie provides guidance, academic support, and career college readiness counseling to each student.  She works with each school district alongside the family to create the best individualized educational plan moving forward, to ensure a successful transition back into the classroom setting.   When a student is able to find their purpose and passion in life, it increases the motivation to overcome any obstacle to reach their goals.

Personal Statement:

My favorite role in life, being the proud mother of four children, ages 6-11. I took a break from my career and spent ten years at home raising my young children.   I have an extensive background in helping children of all ages, and with all types of academic and personal struggles.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from Texas A&M-Kingsville in 1997.   I earned my Masters in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M College Station in 2003.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to bake, exercise, and travel.  My favorite part of each day is to create fun memories with my children.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Conflict-Resolution Techniques – (School-Related & Family Therapy)
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Implementing an IEP (Individual Education Plan)
  • Creating and Monitoring a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan)
  • Transcript Evaluation, Career Path Implementation
  • Comprehensive Guidance Plan and Character Education


  • LPC-Intern
  • A Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Texas Counselor’s Association Member
  • Lone Star State School Counselor’s Association

Frequently Asked Questions For Adolescent Treatment

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient are fancy terms for outpatient with extended
hours that include group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, education and psychiatry
for med management and testing as needed.

Private insurance will cover the majority of the program. The out-of- pocket cost will be discussed
prior to admission and a customized payment plan can be determined based on your family’s needs.

We have transportation! Ask us how it works!

Your child will spend 2 hours a day with our education counselor who will contact and coordinate all school assignments, tutoring etc… while your child is in PHP program. Any special accommodations such as 504 will be made here.

Upon admission your child is assigned a therapist who will be available by phone when he or
she is not with your child. They also will visit with you during family sessions.

Our program consists of individual therapy, group therapy,  family therapy,  education counseling, and psychiatry for med management -along with any additional testing as needed.  

Group Therapy will consist of various topics that teach coping skills, mindfulness, healthy boundaries, emotion regulation, health and wellness, and values.

Please refer to our handbook upon admission for a thorough explanation of all groups and the goals associated with each one.

Partial Hospitalization is Monday-Friday 8-3:30p, 4-6 weeks in length. 

Intensive Outpatient meets a minimum of 10 hours a week, program days will vary based on the needs of the milieu (ask us for current scheduling for IOP).

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