What Are The Long-Term Effects of Depression

long term effects of depression

When most of us hear the word depression, we immediately think of extreme sadness and listlessness in a person. However, there are more effects than just mood. Many long-term effects come with untreated depression. Therefore, encouraging people to seek help is vital for everyone as it can have a devastating effect. What Is Untreated Depression […]

What Are The Effects Of Depression On The Brain?

effects of depression on the brain

Depression is a highly misunderstood mental illness that has a major impact on our brain and body functions. Scientists still don’t understand the pathology of depression but are utilizing MRIs to understand what happens to people with major depressive disorder. The more subjects they can study, the better they can understand how depression affects our […]

Depression as a Chaotic Disease: The Causes and Effects of Depression

Depression is a prevalent mental illness that is still widely misunderstood. Many people make assumptions that those with the disorder are “sad.” The reality is, depression is a bit more complex than one simple emotion. It is more a dysregulation of emotions that creates chaos in one’s life when untreated. It interferes with families, relationships, […]

How to Tell Someone You’re Depressed

Living with depression can be life-altering, you can go from a happy-go-lucky person who is always on the go to a person who rarely leaves their home or their bed. Coming to grips with admitting you are depressed is also a shock to the system. You do not want to face the struggles alone and […]

Are there different types of depression?

Everyone feels a little sad or down every now and then for one reason or another. Depression is a continued feeling of sadness that can lead to psychological and physical side effects. If the feeling of sadness overtakes your life and impacts your daily activities, you might suffer from depression. Depression can be treated with […]

How to Manage Coronavirus Depression

Dealing with a mental illness during the Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult things anyone has had to endure. Many people have suffered mental health episodes during the pandemic even if they did not have an existing mental illness. Being in quarantine and being flung out of your daily routine was one […]