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At BasePoint Psychiatry & Wellness we are committed to going above and beyond for our patients as well as the communities in which we serve. As part of that ongoing effort we feel that providing free information on psychiatry, counseling and wellness is an important part of that commitment, particularly in an age where everything is digestible on the internet.

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Our blog is here to keep you up to date on the most recent developments in mental health. While our blog is not written by a doctor and should not be taken as medical advice, it is here to provide useful information to those affected by mental health problems either directly or indirectly.

teen depression signs

Skills for Coping with Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is on the rise, and a lot of factors contribute to this situation. From academic stressors, peer pressure, family and societal issues, to hormones and body changes, the adolescent mind is highly susceptible to stress which can often lead to the development of depressive symptoms. So it’s really important for teens and their

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Anxiety Triggers for Teens

Anxiety Triggers for Teens and Making a Safe Space

Raising a teenager isn’t easy. Between teen crushes, acne, grades, clothing, and social circles; dealing with the day-to-day life of a teenager is tiresome. Many parents think that since they were once teenagers that they can help their own teen children navigate the choppy waters of teen life in America. It isn’t always that easy

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How Teens React to Anxiety and Stress

How Teens React to Anxiety and Stress

Life as a teenager in 2020 is quite possibly the most stressful time in history. From a global pandemic, to racial tension, to an election, to remote learning, to high rates of unemployment: teens have a lot to worry about because all of it impacts their lives no matter their family situation. On top of

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Managing Bipolar Disorder Through A Holistic Approach

Bipolar disorder causes shifts in energy levels, mood swings, anxiety, and sleep problems which can be a roller coaster for the diagnosed person, as well as their loved ones. Since symptoms can affect every aspect of one’s life,  and make things feel out of control, finding the best treatment plan is usually equally challenging. Medications

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